kitchen utensil holder ideas 11

kitchen utensil holder ideas 11
impression kitchen utensil holder ideas 11
picture kitchen utensil holder ideas 11

Mason jar utensil holder, Kitchen Utensil holder, kitchen organizer, mason jar kitchen storageHolder KitchenKitchen MakeoverKitchen UtensilsKitchen RedoFarm Kitchen DecorRedoing KitchenKitchen Update IdeasCabin MakeoverCool KitchenForwards***you can add a personalized stencil, handles, or change up the stain of the box for a small additional fee Add a hand painted stencil for $2.00!!! This utensils holder is the perfect addition to your rustic country kitchen decor. It is functional and beautiful. This is a rustic planter with three painted mason jars to hold your utensils. The mason jars have been painted distressed and sealed. The planter box is sanded, stained and sealed. This set includes: 3 Painted Quart Ball Mason…See more

I've gathered together quite a few kitchen utensil storage and organization ideas below that you might want to use in your home.Many of us start out with a cluttered utensil drawer. You know the kind, where you open it and something has been laid in there funny and it won't open all the way, because it gets stuck. (That's when I tend to break something, trying to jerk the darn drawer open.)google_ad_client="ca-pub-2194995392836201";google_ad_slot="3913829680";google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280; Or the kind where you have to dig around looking for that specific cooking implement while the food on the stove begins to burn.While we're working on the Kitchen Cabinet & Drawer Organization Challenge this week, I thought it was the perfect time to explore some better storage solutions and organizing ideas for this type of item in your home.So, I've found some great tools you can use as well as shared before and after pictures from readers who've tackled this organizational challenge and made some great progress.Remember, the first thing to do is to declutter, so you're only organizing and storing what you need and will use, not just stuff you've not used for years, and won't in the future either.I hope these ideas inspire you! Once you've gotten your cooking tools decluttered and organized you can share your before and after pictures with me here and I'll add them to the page.Image courtesy of, featured item is Madesmart Expandable Utensil Tray

Angela from Confessions of a Craft Addict did the utensil decluttering mission, and shared both her before and after pictures.She explained, "I am constantly getting new kitchen gadgets. I love gadgets! But sometimes a good purge of the utensil drawer is necessary."Angela actually has two drawers devoted to her gadgets, plus a on the counter canister (not pictured here, but you can check out her blog post, link above for pictures of this).She said, "I went through and got rid of a bunch of junk. Anything broken, stained, or starting to melt went in the garbage. The rest of the stuff I got rid of went to Goodwill. It made a huge difference just cleaning out those drawers!"

Many people use drawers to hold their kitchen utensils, but you don't have to.If you cook a lot and have an adequate amount of counter space a good way to hold them is in a cute vessel, pitcher, or holder of some type, so they're always ready to grab and use.The one pictured above is handmade, but there are lots of deep vessels you can use for the purpose. Just choose something that matches your kitchen decor since it will be sitting out all the time.I've created a whole additional page about utensil crocks and holders if you'd like even more ideas on this method for storing them.Photo courtesy of Tobyotter

Susan at Camp Slinkard organized her kitchen utensil drawer.She said: "I decided to tackle the drawer immediately under our cook top. It houses pot holders, oven mitts, and a variety of other kitchen paraphernalia. It was a hot mess, truthfully…""I pulled everything out, grabbed a few extra sorting trays I happened to have hanging out in the utility room, and within about 30 minutes, the drawer looked like this…"

Not surprisingly, perhaps, the utensil crock was the most popular storage solution among our Kitchen Tour participants, although the type of container varied. I found stainless steel, ceramic, glass, and wood all represented, with even a burlap-covered version in the mix! Most crocks sat on the countertop, but a few are hung on the wall or the side/underside of the kitchen cabinet.

***you can add a personalized stencil, handles, or change up the stain of the box for a small additional fee Add a hand painted stencil for $2.00!!! This utensils holder is the perfect addition to your rustic country kitchen decor. It is functional and beautiful. This is a rustic planter with three painted mason jars to hold your utensils. The mason jars have been painted distressed and sealed. The planter box is sanded, stained and sealed. This set includes: 3 Painted Quart Ball Mason…

In order to have a clean and shiny kitchen, try our latest collection of cutlery storage ideas to organize your cutlery. Most of these storage projects you can make by yourself. They are easy and cheap, and will help you to keep your kitchen always tidy and make the cutlery easy to access. Well, get inspired from here and make your dream kitchen shiny and clever organized. Have fun!

Tina from Dancing in the Fire shared her before and after pictures of this drawer.She said of the after picture, "I need a few more cubbies/baskets for this drawer."I would agree Tina, although this is fine the way it is also. However, more dividers of some sort will keep things from shifting around too much and help you find things easier when you're in the midst of cooking.Are You Inspired To Get Organized Now?I hope these ideas from real people have inspired you to get your kitchen utensils organized and decluttered today.You can join us in getting your whole home organized, room by room, item by item, in the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge.Further, if you've decluttered your cooking utensils as part of the Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day Missions make sure to show your before and after pictures and I'll feature them on the site! You can share your kitchen decluttering accomplishments here.

kitchen counters plus by: Anonymous A great start, I overturned a basket on my kitchen counter and threw away or recycled about two thirds! Cleaned on top of a kitchen cupboard and moved tins on top, side shelves are now going to be used to accommodate white sugar and tea in jars which I keep for guests. On the other side of the cupboard I have lifted all the coffee grinder etc that gets used daily but is taking up counter space. SO it may not sound like a lot to you but for me it's a burden lifted. Going to go through my silverware later today

Need help with deep drawer by: Bee I have a small kitchen with very few drawers. The one I'm able to use for cooking utensils and gadgets is only 7-3/4" wide, but 6-1/2" deep. It ends up like a black hole - things make their way to the bottom never to be found again. It would be wonderful to have 2 layers of organized, accessible tools. Any ideas for a narrow deep drawer?

Another idea, if both drawer space and counter space is at a premium in your kitchen, is to hang an organizer on the wall which you can put large utensils and cooking implements on.This has obvious advantages, because you have more room to store other items in other places in your kitchen, and are using otherwise most likely unusable space.However, you do need to keep all these items looking pretty if they will be displayed this way. It won't look as pretty once some of this stuff is bent, dirty from constant use, etc.But if you cook a lot and have really nice cooking implements that you do want to show off this can be a great alternative for you.Photo courtesy of libertygrace0

Keep things in order with drawer organisers - Cluttered drawers can seriously mess with the functionality and efficiency of a kitchen. If your drawers are overflowing with utensils, gadgets and other cooking tools, empty everything onto your kitchen bench and bin equipment that’s old (yes, rusty vegetable peeler, we’re looking at you), broken or just plain unnecessary (come on now, do you really need that cherry and olive pitter?).

2nd drawer utensils - spatulas, large knifes, tongs, whisk etc by: Colleen Osmond Great decluttering ideas. Thanks heaps. Can people post some storage for those big utensils that I have traditionally kept in the 2nd drawer? Growing up we had 4 drawers. 1st for cutlery, peelers and small vege knives, 2nd for bigger utensils like whisk, spatula etc, 3rd for gladwrap foil etc, 4th for tea towels. Keep up the good work as will I.

Reecea from Fresh Juniper shared an after picture of a newly created drawer to hold some of her utensils.It had previously been a junk drawer that she had decluttered.She explained, "Junk drawer number 2 was right next to the refrigerator and in the center of our food cabinets. We don't really have a pantry. Following Taylor's advice we put the ice cream scoop and the cheese slicer here close to the refrigerator. Also the canned goods are all over here so it was time to move the can opener over here. Finally, the flour and sugar is here, so the dry measuring cup is in here too. Just makes so much more sense than having all of these things on the opposite side of the kitchen like we did before. I think the pink paper looks cute with the white divider bins and the ice cream scoop."

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